Root canal – An Easy Procedure to Prolong the Tooth’s Lifespan!

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Root Canal is a term that sends shivers down the spine of anyone who has experienced tooth pain. Tooth Pain is one of the most severe forms of pain that a person experiences during their lifetime. Many people avoid root canal and prefer to get their teeth replaced by false teeth. But, this is a misconception as anything natural cannot be replaced with an artificial object. Even the Best dentist in Jaipur will advise you to undergo a root canal treatment to treat the injury or infection, rather than get the entire tooth pulled out.

A root canal operation can help you prolong the life of the infected tooth by many years. Getting a root canal is only as painful as getting a cavity filled, which is almost negligible.

A root canal is deemed necessary by a best dentist in Jaipur when the tooth decay has progressed to a stage where the infection and decay have reached the dentin, the layer under the enamel. The decay starts affecting the pulp which contains the nerve structure and causes inflammation in the tooth. The decay causes pain and swelling at the tip of the root of the tooth. The patient starts feeling the pain only after the decay and inflammation has seeped deep into the tooth.

A root canal procedure combines the following procedure:

X-ray – This is done to determine the state of decay and inflammation in the tooth tissue and gums. It also helps in locating the infected area.

Anesthesia – Local anesthesia is injected to the affected tooth to numb the nervous system from feeling the pain. It is no more painful than getting a cavity filled.

Pulpectomy – A Pulpectomy procedure is carried out by a best dentist in Jaipur to remove the diseased tooth pulp.

Filling – After the Pulpectomy is performed on the tooth the cavity left by the procedure is filled using gutta-percha material and then sealed off with cement.

Root Canal procedure shouldn’t be avoided as it can prolong the lifespan of the tooth. If you are terrified of the pain during the procedure then give your worries a rest! It is not painful at all in these times of modern medicine and technological advancement. A dental hospital in Jaipur can easily treat your dental problems without causing any pain.

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